Weekly Practice

      Each moment of zazen is equally wholeness of practice, equally wholeness of realization.  This is not only practice while sitting, it is like a hammer striking emptiness: before and after, its exquisite peal permeates everywhere.

Eihei Dōgen

SSZ hosts online meditation periods six days a week. Please join our email list to receive Zoom links to attend each.

Sunday Mornings

9:00am - 11:30am

Our Sunday gatherings include seated meditation (zazen), walking meditation (kinhin), a Dharma talk, and a brief liturgical Zen service. All are invited and are welcome to log in or out for as much as one’s schedule allows.

Chants for our services are available here: 1st Sunday of the Month; 2nd Sunday of the Month; 3rd Sunday of the Month; 4th Sunday of the Month5th Sunday of the Month

Sunday Morning Schedule

8:45    Zoom session opens
9:00    Robe Chant / Zazen
9:25    Kinhin
9:35    Zazen 
10:00    Break
10:05    Dharma Talk & Discussion
10:55    Service
11:10    Announcements
11:15.   Zoom breakout rooms for socializing
11:30.   Closing

Tuesday Evenings

6:15pm - 7:15 pm

Our Tuesday night practice consists simply of sitting and walking meditation. All are welcome, anytime.

On one Tuesday a month, we celebrate Ryaku Fusatsu, a bowing and chanting ceremony where we recommit ourselves to the practice of the Sixteen Bodhisattva Precepts. Our ceremony takes place at 6:50pm on Tuesday evenings closest to the full moon, in lieu of a second period of zazen. Our Ryaku Fusatsu chant is available here.

Throughout the year SSZ offers classes on Dharma topics. These begin at 7:30 and are listed as separate events on our calendar.

Tuesday Evening Schedule

6:00    Zoom session opens
6:15    Zazen
6:40    Kinhin
6:50    Zazen or Full Moon Ceremony (if scheduled)
7:15    Bodhisattva Vows / Closing
7:30    Class (if scheduled)
9:00    Class ends / Closing

Weekday / Saturday Mornings

8:00am - 8:30 am

On weekday mornings, SSZ hosts 30 minutes of meditation.  At 7:30 on Thursdays, a brief introduction is offered to those new to our practice. All are welcome, anytime.

Weekday / Saturday Morning Schedule

7:30    Brief intro to zazen (Thursdays only)
7:45    Zoom session opens
8:00    Zazen
8:25    Bodhisattva Vows
8:26    Announcements, break
8:30    Closing