Michael Gillespie

Michael Gillespie

Born and raised in a Pacific Northwest milltown, Everett, Mike returned to the bioregion after retiring from more than twenty-five years as a professor in Nebraska where he and his wife Diane taught at the University of Nebraska Omaha.  His first Zen teacher was Nonin Chowaney at the Nebraska Zen Center. Now retired from the University of Washington Bothell, Mike trusts that Zen is fairly continuous with philosophy: based in not knowing, a shared inquiry into how to live well in this troubling, joyful, paradoxical world.  As a teacher of philosophy and humanities, Mike once taught a senior seminar on what’s happening as Buddhism becomes North American, and he continues to be interested in the relationship of contemplative practice and modernity.   He is enlivened by issues that test our conceptions of well being and human development, and has often visited Senegal, West Africa, where he and Diane volunteer for Tostan, an initiative in community-led development based in nonformal education.  He is stirred by challenges to practice brought to the fore by the devastation resulting from human-earth systems interactions.  Mike and Diane have two children, Gannon and Gemma.

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