Edward Cadman

Edward Cadman

Edward Cadman brings to Seattle Soto Zen a rich history of spiritual enquiry and practice. His original zen teacher was Genki Takabayashi, who was the founding abbot of Choboji, the Seattle-based Rinzai zen group. Rev. Takabayashi led Ed's Jukai ceremony in 1995 and gave Ed the dharma name of "Daiki"--"Vast Energy." Genki and Daiki became interconnected as teacher and student through the Ki/Chi of Genki's dharma teaching. In addition, Genki-San, a skilled calligrapher, writer, and potter, impressed upon Ed the nature of zen expression in the arts. Ed's devoted practice of photography has become an integral part of his zen practice, a legacy passed down from his teacher.

Besides his years of training at Choboji, Ed has also practiced at Great Vow Zen Monastery in Clatskanie, OR and for the last ten years, at Sonoma Mountain Zen Center in Santa Rosa, CA.

Ed joined Seattle Soto Zen in the first years of the leadership of Eko Jeff Kelley. Jeff led Ed in key trainings which helped to deepen Ed's understanding of Buddhist history and the foundations of Soto Zen. Invited to serve SSZ as a senior practitioner, Ed has assisted the sangha by offering dharma talks, instructing new members, leading training in service positions, serving as Ino, and in documenting with his photography key events in the on-going history of Seattle Soto Zen.

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