Volunteer Opportunites

At SSZ, we are sustained by the generosity of our members.  For some of us, this takes the form of financial support.  For others, we express our joy and gratitude by lending a helping hand.

Membership is a practice.  Like all practices, it is a combination of inspiration and commitment.  Gratitude leads us to offer help, but it is the commitment that transforms spontaneous joy into our Bodhisattva vows.  When you offer dana in this way, please consider the commitment you can offer, as well.

Most positions are online which allow flexibility with your schedule.  Some have two levels of commitment: Main is the regular position and Backup is a standby if Main is not available.  Positions without a backup are responsible for public content.  These need to be in a single voice.

On behalf of SSZ and the myriad beings who have sustained the Buddha Way for two millennia, we offer our deepest gratitude for your service.

Record AudioRecord the talk on Sundays. Upload audio file to website. Needed: iPhone with Recorder (free) installed.Main: Attend most talks. Backup: Available to fill in for Main. 15 min/week (time to upload)Apply
Edit AudioEdit recorded audio. Trim, add intro and outtro, apply compression, equalization and noise reduction. Needed: Audacity (free) app on computer.Main: 30 min/week. Backup: Available to fill in for Main.Apply
Post AudioCreate audio record on website. Write description for audio.30 min/week.Apply
Calendar AdminPost events to calendar. Collect event descriptions and dates from Allison.Main: 2 hours/week. Backup: Available to fill in for Main.Apply
RegistrarManage registrations to events. Respond to queries.Main: Up to 1 hour/week. Backup: Available to fill in for Main.Apply
Facebook EditorCompose weekly post to Facebook summarizing events this week.30 min/week.Apply
Instagram EditorCompose weekly post to Instagram summarizing events this week.30 min/week.Apply
Content EditorComposes and edits web site content. Conducts approval reviews with board.2 hours/month.Apply
PhotographerDocuments events with photography. Needed: Decent digital camera or phone.1 hour/month for uploading best images.Apply
Photo editorEdits raw photos for web use. Needed: Proficiency with photo editing software.2 hours/month.Apply
Mountain Meditation LeaderLead monthly moderate level hikes in nearby mountains. Lead brief sittings during hike. Needed: Car.Main: Six Saturdays/year. Backup: Available to fill in for Main.Apply
ReporterCollects stories for newsletter from teachers, sangha members. Submits to newsletter editor for review.4 stories/year.Apply
Volunteer CoordinatorRecruits for volunteer positions, contact point for volunteers, liaison to board.3 hours/month.Apply
Event HostHosts single event or regular class in their home. Needed: space for 10 people.Variable, roughly 3 hours/event.Apply
Teacher HostProvide lodging for visiting teachers.Variable, based on need.Apply
MentorMentor people new to SSZ or to Zen practice. Needed: Jukai, approval from Allison.A minimum commitment of 2 meetings/mentee.Apply
Member CoordinatorMaintains current member list, organizes member activities, communicates with members, liaison to board.Variable, avg 3 hrs/monthApply
Group LeaderLeads sitting or discussion group. Needed: Jukai and approval of topic from Allison.Variable, depends on group schedule or curriculum.Apply