Antiracism and Allyship

We at Seattle Soto Zen have felt profound pain and sorrow in response to the recent surge of Anti-Asian/American and xenophobic attacks. SSZ denounces all acts of hatred, including those directed at people of Asian descent. We stand in solidarity with our Asian American sisters and brothers.

Please also see the resources below, which our board has compiled and will continue to expand.

What Can Each of You Do?

  1. Ask those you might know how they might feel about the recent spate of anti Asian violence.
  2. Be an ally and condemn without hesitation when you see any act of racism.
  3. Use your privilege and acknowledge the pain that these hateful anti-AAPI (Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders) acts have caused.
  4. Create space and rituals to honor and memorialize those victims.
  5. Take Action – 3 Steps you can take NOW:

EDUCATE – Educate yourself about Anti-Asian Hate and become an ally:

  1. Visit events held at Seattle Asian museums:
  1. Consult academic resources and anti-racism toolkits:
    1. Seattle University’s Cultural Awareness and Growth Mindset:
    2. Antiracist Toolkit from the Department of Asian Studies at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill:
  1. Reflect on the history of Anti-Asian Racism:
    1. “Consciousness-Raising: Learning How to Respond to Anti-Asian Racism,” South Seattle Emerald 
    2. “The long history of anti-Asian hate in America, explained,” Vox 
    3. Washington Women’s Foundation You Tube: “Let’s Talk Combating Anti-Asian Racism During COVID-19: History of Anti-Asian Sentiment in US History” 

REPORT – Report hate incidents and discrimination:

  1. Stop AAPI Hate
  2. Stand Against Hatred,

 INTERVENE – Learn Intervention Techniques:

  1. Asian Americans Advancing Justice 
  2. Bystander Intervention Virtual Trainings, hosted by Asian Americans Advancing Justice and Hollaback