Teacher Candidate Talk (Ryushin Andrea Thach)

The SSZ Teacher Selection Committee (TSC) presents the second of three Dharma talks from visiting teacher candidates.

SSZ Members

The TSC is soliciting feedback from SSZ members.  If you wish to shape the future of SSZ and have feedback to share with us, please become a member.

Subsequent to the viewing the video, we hope you will consider the candidate in the light of your understanding of Seattle Soto Zen, its present activities, its strengths and weaknesses, and, generally, what you most hope for our sangha as we enter into our next stage. Feel free to contact us with your reflections and insights.  In addition, we’ll post some questions in an online survey for those who prefer to respond that way.

Additional material will be made available to SSZ members who log into the website.  We have additional recordings of the Q&A session with rich interactions between the sangha and Andrea, but as this is personal material, we chose not to make it public.

You can leave us feedback at this survey.

Guiding Teacher Selection Committee

John Nomura, Maria Wallace, Ewan Magie, Lee Nelson, Chris Middleman, Stephanie Monroney, Mike Gillespie This talk is also presented in video here: https://seattlesotozen.org/Talks/Talk/TalkID/1066

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